Letting Pack

If you are about to rent out your property you may find that our letting pack is useful. As well as the tenancy agreement itself, this contains a number of other helpful documents.

The pack contains the following:

  • the Assured Shorthold Tenancy
  • Notice to Quit forms
  • An interview form. It is important that you interview your prospective tenants to assess their suitability. It is helpful to do this using a form to ensure that you ask them all similar questions -¬†and to ensure you do not forget to ask a question. You can either complete the form during the interview or ask the prospective tenant to complete this beforehand
  • Reference letter. You should take up references for the tenant. This letter is an example of the sort of letter you could write.
  • Standing Order Mandate. We would recommend that you collect the rent by standing order. You should get this signed before allowing the tenant into occupation.
  • Break Clause. Sometimes it is agreed that the tenant will have the right to terminate the agreement before expiry of the fixed term. If this is agreed then this clause can be added to the tenancy agreement - just copy and paste it in and make any necessary adjustments to the clause numbering.
  • Ground 1 & Ground 2 Notices. If there is a mortgage on the property these are sometimes required by the mortgage lender.
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To protect yourself against the tenants failure to pay the rent we suggest you consider taking insurance.
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